I need a new iPod/cell phone/laptop…..

I saw a very informative, yet upsetting, documentary on CBC the other week. It looked at the recycling of electronics. Now if I were to get a new iPod/cell phone/laptop and found no one who wanted the old ones I would be a responsible consumer and take it to an electronics recycling company so they could take out all the valuable and/or hazardous materials and save them from the evil landfill. And I probably would have found said recycler via an internet search along the lines of “vancouver electronics recycler”. Done.


Had I gone to Techno Trash (a company featured in the documentary), my item would have been placed in a container and shipped to Hong Kong, despite the fact that it is ILLEGAL to ship electronic waste from Canada to China. Once over there workers trying to make a living would be exposed to dangerous conditions involving harmful chemicals and materials in order to salvage the valuable pieces.

Other companies the documentary visited also followed the same path. Distraught and confused about what to do with my electronics, I was told about Geep, a company that actually recycles electronics right here in Canada like all the others say they do. Whew, I didn’t want to have to use my same laptop for the next 30 years to avoid throwing it away. Close call.

This is where your old cell phone could end up if you don't do your research!

This really showed me that you can’t always trust what companies say they do, even ‘green’ companies, although I often do. Why would a company concerned with the environment lie to consumer? Cuz’ you can make a buck at the expense of the environment. Take the time to do a little research for your self and find the companies that do it right, in all areas. This is a case of green-washing to the extreme.

This is where your old cell phone could end up.

Welcome to carolynm.com!


So for my birthday my wonderful boyfriend created carolynm.com. Wee my own little piece of the internet. I’m going to try to use this blog for a couple different uses.

#1 to document my upcoming travels to China and Australia, to keep my friends and family informed about where and am and what I’m doing and to give advice to anyone who might also want to plan a similar type of trip.

#2 to spread information about issues I find interesting and important. This is probably going to consist of mostly environmentally based issues, as my family and most of my friends will agree I am a hippie/tree hugger/crunchy granola, etc.

Stay tuned, my first real post is in the works.