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Hooray for Bundanoon!

bottleh2oBundanoon in New South Wales has voted almost unanimously to ban the sale of bottled water. Congrats!

One argument in favour of the ban address the carbon footprint of bottled water. Plastic bottles are a petroleum product (remember the earlier post about plastic never going away? eep!) and the majority of them do not get recycled but end up in the landfill.

The town is going to carry a line of refillable water bottles that say “Bundy on Tap” and provide filtered water stations where you can still them up. I want one!

Why pay money for something you can get for free? Many, many towns and cities have perfectly fine water straight from the tap. Also, some of that bottled water you’re buying is just tap water anyway. It’s not from some fancy spring the Swiss Alps. Bottled water companies have pulled a massive joke on consumers. Gotcha! Well gotcha them back!

Save money and the environment by brining your own bottle and filling it up as you go!  Try a Klean Kanteen…they won’t leech icky chemicals into your water.

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  1. That’s cool. I mainly use the water cooler at work. Not only does it have delicious water but it’s a great place to discuss our local sports team, the latest episode of “Friends”, or a recent hilarious email forward!