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Interesting Thought About Plastic…

I heard something that really just kinda blew my socks off the other day.

Any piece of plastic that’s ever been made is still around.

Wow. I guess I knew that, but to actually hear it is shocking. Sure, plastic can be recycled into other objects, but the plastic is still plastic and it’s not decomposing. Eek! I fear a future where we’re swimming around is streets filled with bits of plastic. Well, let’s hope we don’t let it get that far.

Thanks to Val from and More Hip Than Hippie for the thought. I’ve heard her say it more than once. Think about it next time you go grocery shopping and just look at all the plastic in your cart (do you really need to put those 3 tomatoes in a plastic bag? No, you don’t).

Also, I want to give a shout out to my co-worker Nat, who recognizes my tree hugging-ness and gave me a pen made of paper last week. Not plastic (well the outside at least)! Thanks Nat!

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  1. Paper Pen??!! Would not work for me. I couldn’t chew on it.

  2. hope you still using the pen i gave you…lol…i have refills and i have more paper pens…lol…love ya XxX