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The Canadian Seal Hunt

harp-seal-485027So this seems to have become a passionate issue for me recently.

The European Union has recently voted to ban the sale of seal products. Article here. This has caused joy and elation among animal rights groups. So much so that it seems everywhere I turn I see the lines “ban the cruel seal hunt”. I’m tried of it!

What, exactly, is cruel about the seal hunt? Sealers and northern natives go out and hunt seals. The majority (~90% is the quote from Danny Williams) are killed with a gun, not a club. Imagine that. Also, you cannot kill a baby seal. If I hear the phrase “clubbing baby seals” one more time I will lose it. I do believe the seals must be a minimum age before being killed, judged by the colour of their coat. The “club” is also a traditional weapon called a hakapik that has been judged to be a humane way to kill seals.

How is this such a major animal rights issue? There are many, many more issues that I feel do not receive the press they deserve. The slaughter of tonnes upon tonnes of cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, etc. happens everyday. These animals are herded, crammed, stuffed into slaughterhouses and killed.

I feel animal rights groups have picked the seal hunt as an issue because seals are cute and have large eyes and it is easy to win over the hearts of the people. They have picked the easy battle and I feel their efforts could be much more helpful in other areas of animal slaughter.

In Danny Williams’ interview on Larry King he claims the WWF has observed the seal hunt and finds nothing inhumane about the process.

In conclusion, please redirect animal rights efforts to a cause that needs it.

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  1. One other reason is that seals aren’t delicious like chickens and cows, etc… so it’s easy for people to latch onto condemning the hunt and getting that warm and fuzzy “I’m making a difference” feeling, while maintaining a delicious diet of ribby and steaky goodness. Well, actually, they might be delicious but we don’t commonly eat them in our culture so the point stands.

    Anyways, I agree with you. Well said.

    Also, I want to eat a humanely hunted seal now.

  2. I’m not sure who is less educated on this issue…the author of this insanely ill-researched article or her followers. I STRONGLY urge you people to open a non-biased book on this cause before spewing your ridiculous opinions that merely echo those of Danny Williams. Your facts are WRONG as is God’s decision to put you on this earth. I’m pretty sure you won’t post this comment in fear that you don’t want to look foolish, but at least you now know what I think of you.

    ps–they “CLUB BABY SEALS”–anything 12 days old is a baby! I said it, you heard it…now “lose it!”

  3. I will actually post your comment as I don’t like to think I’d be someone who would censor the other side of the story. Plus I expected a response like this as people are very emotional about this issue. In response to your “God’s decision” remark, well I think that discredits your whole comment, marking it as a comment of passion and not fact. I enjoy discussing this issue in a reasonable manner, please leave the personal insults out of it, as I will not insult you in that manner, knowing it is hurtful.

    Please feel free to re-comment with some links to support your argument, I would like to read them, as I am interested in getting as much information as possible and an not opposed to amending my opinion if I receive the proper info.

  4. Wow, Amy, your comment is definitely well-written, unbiased, and level-headed. You present your argument in such a manner as it is impossible to dispute your position unless one wishes to be damned to Hell by your God, which as everyone knows is the best way to win an argument this side of calling your opponents Nazis.

    I find myself strangely compelled to agree with you and everything you stand for, as if some higher power were guiding my thoughts. Very strange.

    “Your facts are WRONG as is God’s decision to put you on this earth.”

    So you’re saying that God is wrong? I thought God is always right? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE ANYMORE.

  5. She said we were WRONG. IN CAPITALS! Discussion over. Don’t you dare ask her to back up her position, that’s just silly. She’s clearly too busy with ad hominem attacks.

    I’m a little bummed out that God made such a mistake allowing us to be born. I mean, I didn’t realize God could make mistakes. Well, I guess it’s true what they say “to err is human, to forgiv-“… wait a minute.

    Anyways, I think by posting that well thought out and supported comment you do, in fact, look rather foolish. Amy just radiates credibility. NOW “LOSE IT!”

    PS: Am I your “follower”? I guess if Amy says so.

  6. It’s al about money and… vegetarians. There are big pressure groups that prone vegetarism that use seals hunt as a ramp-up to demonise hunting in general and accumulate impresive amounts of money. If seals hunt was so cruel, we would have facts comparing seal hunt with others kinds of hunting.

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