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Ignoramus is a fun word, use it in a sentence today!

My friend Deirdre sent me this article from the BBC by George Meyer. Loved it!

Too lazy to click on the link? *sigh*DO IT!

Some people see ‘environmentalists’ as looking down their noses at you as you pass with your disposable coffee cup or idling your engine while you wait for someone (please, please, please just turn it off! it’s like nails down a chalkboard). Which some of them are. I’ve done it too. But we need everyone to jump on to the ‘save the planet’ wagon. We need to extend the olive branch to hummer drivers everywhere.

So if you consider yourself an ‘environmentalist’, stop preaching and instead lovingly plant the thought of organic vegetables into the minds of your friends. Hummer drivers, chat to your hippie friends about small changes you can make without having to move to a commune in Vermont. Bridge the gaps!

Basically that’s what this article is about, you have to read it, it’s hilarious. I love the ending:

“If you are not currently choking a panda, welcome aboard!”

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  1. The author is too hard on crazy strippers. Crazy strippers need love too!

  2. I read the Meyer article and stole it for my blog. Brilliant.