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Zai Jain!

The Bund in Shanghai...doesn't really look Chinese but it is...really!

The Bund in Shanghai

Yes, I’m very creative. Zai jain is how you say good-bye in Chinese.

I’m in Australia now. Made it to the warm! Whew. But since I’ve only been here a little this post is actually about China.

When should I plan my trip to China you ask? Well, if you go this time of year (i.e. winter) you don’t have to fight with hoards of tourists at the popular site. This was fantastic. However. There is no central heating (mind you this only applies to Shanghai and surrounding areas. I’m sure other places in China are also like this but I heard Beijing has central heating and the south of China isn’t even as cold, but this post is about my limited Shanghai visit). It’s not too bad; you can bundle up when you’re outside. Long johns recommended. But when you get back and go indoors and it’s just as cold inside, it can really break your spirit. But if you come in the summer it’s tourist city, most of them from China. Sounds like crazy time!

We enjoyed the aquarium, but felt it was a bit pricey for China and not really any better than Vancouver’s. Although this one had penguins…I want one!!! Other sites in Shanghai worth seeing are the Yu Yuan gardens. Surrounded by huge market, with multiple starbucks (boo,in the middle is a beautiful garden full of rockeries, which are everywhere in China and are awesome. And the other great thing we saw in Shanghai was the fake market. Too much fun! Vendors vying for your attention everywhere, trying to sell you watches, scarves and purses. Go just for the fun of bartering, but skip it if you’re on a tight budget…it’s so much fun you’ll keep buying haha.

The main rockery in the Yu Yuan Gardens, Shanghai

The main rockery in the Yu Yuan Gardens, Shanghai

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  1. Hi Dear,
    Great to hear from you,and glad you are where it is warmer.
    Love Dad

  2. That sounds lovely. Where are the pictures of you in front of the Starbucks? PS: I am subscribing to your RSS feed now, consider that a complement (after Brad explains what it is).