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He did it


…and it will come into affect 9 days before Obama takes office. This makes it very, very hard for Obama, who wants to reverse the rule, to do just that.

That’s ok, science doesn’t mean anything anyway. Why should you take into account decades of sound research? Science is just voodoo mumbo jumbo, right Bush? If you don’t understand it, fear it. *sigh*

If you happen to be a United States citizen, please, PLEASE write to your congressman/woman to tell them how you feel about this. They can stop it. The West Virginia representative wants to envoke the Congressional Review Act, which will allow congress 60 days to review this rule and they can over turn it and prevent it from turning our planet into a wasteland. WRITE IN! Do you think if I pretened to be one of their constituents they’d figure out that I’m not…

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  1. I couldn’t leave a comment on the last one for some reason. So in regards to the couch surfing, be careful! I don’t have the requisite trust for that program. I hope Brad will be going with you to China…?

    Also, George W. Bush isn’t against the environment or science, he just really likes hunting and hates it when those dang endangered species get in his way and he can’t SHOOT’EM! I suggest you write and just forget to mention where you are from (unless you mean a real letter, then the postage might tip him off).

  2. You can follow the link at the first of the post. I saw it on Google news.