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One Million Acts of Green

Have you heard of One Million Acts of Green? I heard about it on The Hour. George is getting all his Canadian guests to participate (including David Suzuki!)

It’s a program through the CBC. You create a profile, and then you can pick from lists of green acts that will lower the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) that you create. So far they’re only at 220,786. Workin’ on it.

I signed up but had a hard time finding acts that I a) wasn’t already doing or b) could reasonably do while renting/not owning a car/moving in two months. But after reading some of the site I feel it’s ok to add things you’ve already made a part of your lifestyle. You’re already making a difference, so feel good about it by having the site tell you how much GHG’s you’ve not made. Wee!

One that I wasn’t already doing and will now be doing is always running the washer on the shortest setting. I usually try and gauge how dirty that load of clothes is to decide but come on, I’m not that dirty anyway.

So log on and find at least one that you aren’t doing yet. Even the little ones make a huge difference, like using a refillable coffee cup. Have you ever looked around to see how many people are holding a disposable, in-the-landfill-forever cup? It’s gross really. Plus reusable cups keep your coffee warm longer!

If you end up making a profile and start a new act of green leave me a comment…because getting someone else to sign up is one of the acts! haha

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  1. Hey Carebear! I signed up for the green act thingy. I got lots of great ideas!