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Blood = Cookies

Ok everyone…you must have heard about the dramatic decrease in Canada’s blood supply. DRAMATIC. This affects you. You, a friend, a family member could get in an accident at any time. Just take a couple mintues to think about that, I know it’s not pleasent but sometimes we need that kind of kick in the butt.

Giving blood is something I hold near and dear. I’ve given blood I think 9 times now and plasma once (FYI giving plasma is super fun…you actually get to see the blood get pumped back into you…COOL!). I figure I probably used a bunch of blood when I had my heart surgery once upon a time and other people have to have those kind of surgeries all the time.

I know a lot of people who are eligable to give blood and don’t and I’m sure they have lots of reasons. Too busy, don’t like needles, haven’t taken the time to think about how important having a large enough blood supply is. Well get off your butt and donate! We need it, all Canadians do! It only takes like 10 mintues (30 min probably if you count all the form filling in) and they are peak freans at the end! I love those things.

I’m currently not able to give blood because of my summer trip to Mexico so I hope that at least one person who hasn’t given before goes to donate. DO IT! 🙂

Call 1-888-2-DONATE or visit to make an appointment or find a clinic near you.

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  1. You can’t give blood if you have syphilis. So make sure you don’t have that particular STI before going to the clinic.